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Account activity alerts added to DMV’s eNotify online service

Release date: September 8, 2017

The Wisconsin Department of Transportation Division of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has a security feature on its eNotify service ( which will send an email and/or text notification whenever certain activities occur on a subscriber’s DMV account.

"Wisconsin’s driver licenses and identification (ID) cards are currently the most secure in the nation," said Corey Kleist, DMV Section Chief. "We added the account activity alert feature to eNotify so that our customers can be alerted when certain transactions occur; such as when an application for a duplicate driver license or ID card is made, or when their address is changed in DMV’s systems."

The eNotify account activity alert notification will most often serve as a confirmation of an activity the customer requested, but will also alert customers to transactions they may not have requested or authorized. If the customer doesn’t recognize the transaction, DMV staff can help to identify the origin of the transaction, and offer guidance to resolve any issues.

"This is just one more tool to help Wisconsin residents monitor and manage the security of their identities, and Wisconsin DMV is proud to offer this service to our customers," Kleist added.

Each year, nearly 472,000 driver licenses and IDs come up for renewal. Signing up for eNotify puts customers in control of their account and adds convenient direct links to renewal webpages. Going paperless also helps the environment by reducing the amount of paper used.

When drivers sign up for an eNotify account,, renewal reminders are sent via email and/or text. Customers will be reminded to renew their annual vehicle registration and whenever any of the following important regular or commercial driver licensing credentials are about to expire:

  • Regular or CDL license
  • S endorsement (School Bus license)
  • Fed Med card (professional drivers)
  • Physical examination (if required)

DMV’s eNotify has been available since 2013 to remind vehicle owners to renew their license plates annually. These email or text prompts mean no more lost reminder postcards or late fees. The email reminders, sent by DMV using the extension .gov, clearly indicate which vehicle is up for renewal and address the DMV customer by name. Embedded links take the DMV customer to a secure .gov site.

Only the website is the official state website. Others with .org and .com are not official and may have extra charges for forms or list information that is dated or incorrect.