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Identity Theft

Bristol Morgan Bank is working with Transunion's TrueIdentity to help protect you from Identity Theft.

Identity theft happens. It's an unfortunate fact of modern life. But there are certain steps you can take to help keep your personal information from falling into the wrong hands.

Keep Tabs on Your Identity

Every day, you do things to protect what's most important to you. And you know what? You do them almost automatically. Routine things like looking both ways before you cross, brushing your teeth, and buckling your seat belt.

Another routine to get into is keeping tabs on your identity and personal information. Here are some easy ways you can do it:

  • Read your credit card and bank statements carefully and often.
  • Know your payment due dates.
  • If a bill doesn't show up when you expect it, look into it.
  • Read the statements from your health insurance plan.
  • Make sure the claims paid match the care you got.
  • Shred any documents with personal and financial information.
  • Review each of your three credit reports at least once a year. It's easy, and it's free. And before you know it, protecting your personal information can be as routine as locking your doors at night.

For more tips and tools on dealing with identity theft, visit the Federal Trade Commission's website for Identity Theft.

Bristol Morgan Bank Recommends:

Setting up balance alerts through online banking to get notified via email when your account hits a certain balance or when a large withdrawal is made.

Checking your account activity frequently- Download our mobile app for easy access.

Do not have checks or statements mailed- To avoid your confidential items being intercepted in the mail enroll in e-statements and have checks delivered to the bank.

Set up a unique passcode- Set up a passcode only you would know that Bristol Morgan Bank can use to identify you on the phone.