Serving Dodge, Fond du Lac & Winnebago Counties

Overdraft Protection

With overdraft protection you’ll never experience the embarrassment of having a check returned and you’ll avoid overdraft and check return fees, saving you money.

Overdraft Protection Line of Credit

This type of overdraft protection service acts as a line of credit. Anytime you overdraw, increments of $100 from your line of credit will transfer into your account. Speak with a Bristol Morgan Bank loan officer to get this extra layer of protection on your account. All it takes is $20 per year and a minimum monthly payment which is based on your existing balance.

Overdraft Protection Transfer

We all make mistakes. If you have extra funds in a savings account with Bristol Morgan Bank you can set up an automatic transfer to be deposited into your checking account if you overdraw. Overdraft protection transfer is fast, enrollment is easy and it is only $10 per transfer.